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The History of Dollarbeg Castle

Dollarbeg Castle

Dollarbeg Castle in the 1930s

Dollarbeg Castle was designed by local architect Ebenezer Simpson from the historic city of Stirling. The build was finished in 1889, for it's then owner Major William Henry Dobie J.P and his wife, Mamie Eva Louise (Eva) Wilson. It was one of the last builings of it's era that was influenced by the baronial style of Balmoral Castle.

Prior to the castle being built, the lands of Dollarbeg were granted to the monks of Dunfermline Abbey in the 13th century by Alexander II. The monks remained in possession of the lands until 1587. The estate then had a number of owners, until it became the property of the 4th Duke of Atholl in 1785. In the 1880s William Henry Dobie took ownership of the estate and began construction of the current house in 1887, taking just 2 years to build.

The Dobie family was famous for their links to the internationational tobacco industry. In 1934 Dollarbeg Castle was sold by the family to the Workers Travel Association (WTA), a trade unionist formed, not-for-profit organisation that converted the property into a guest house. The purpose of the property was to provide affordable holidays for working people and their families. These short films, from 1936, shows a family's holiday to the newly created guest house:

Dollarbeg Castle Holiday - Part 1
Dollarbeg Castle Holiday - Part 2

In World War II Scotland was under RAF 13 group. In 1941 no.72 Wing of the RAF was formed and stationed at Dollarbeg Castle. A radio mast was erected by the RAF to control all radar stations from the Tees in Northern England to the Forth in Scotland.

Following years of decline, the castle was beautifully restored in 2007 and the unique Dollarbeg Castle tower apartment was created. The property is surrounded by acres of private gardens and woodland, with paths leading to nearby town of Dollar and the river Devon.


Dollarbeg Castle - 1940s

Dollarbeg Castle - 1940s